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Unique Movie Car Service

Masada Picture Cars is unique. Not only do we offer movie cars and cars for TV...

We are the only company providing vehicles to the Film and Television industry that can also repair, wreck, demolish, re-spray, modify and legally dispose of almost all vehicle types. 

Masada's film car division is fully licensed to legally decommission vehicles for safe demolition whether in front of the camera or afterwards.

More about Masada's Film Cars

Creating What You Need

Do you need a specialist vehicle for your next movie or TV production?

Are you looking for a wreck or a custom built movie car?

We can convert vehicles to your specifications with incredible attention to every detail.

If you need a film car in a hurry we can make changes literally overnight.

Some of our film car conversions

Online Movie Car Database

Our unique online movie car database is the easiest way to search for the perfect film car for your next movie or TV production.

If you're looking for inspiration you can keep the search broad and look through our extensive fleet of cars for film.

Or if you know what you are looking for you can narrow your search by vehicle type, year, transmission type and colour.

Online movie car database