Andy Warhol once said "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes". If it`s not you personally at least it can be your car, but Mr. Warhol said nothing about being paid for it. That`s where we step in, not only do you get the bragging rights for your car on screen, you are also financially compensated for it. Not a bad way to cover some of the running costs on your vehicle.

Flexible Options

We give you several options on hiring out your car. You can drive it to the Film, Television or TV commercial set yourself and enjoy being part of the film making process or one of our qualified vehicle co-ordinators can pick up your vehicle and exchange it for one of our many loan cars. We can also organise to have your car delivered to the film set on the back of a tilt tray truck if you want to keep the mileage to a minimum. Your car is fully insured by us while it`s in our care and we then return your car to you at the end of the shoot clean and as we received it.
We have an excellent track record for vehicle hire not having once had an incident with any of our owners cars and we do place a lot of cars onto Film and Television locations and sets. In the recent past we have placed cars on…“Strangerland” a Feature Film starring Nicole Kidman and Hugo Weaving filmed in Broken Hill. To be released late 2014.
“Backtrack” an Australian feature film starring Sam Neill and Adrien Brody filmed in western NSW to be released late 2014.
“Felony” a soon to be released feature film starring Joel Edgerton and Melissa George

Television shows

Modern Family episode filmed in Sydney Home & Away TV series we have supplied cars for since 2011Redfern Now series 1 & 2.
Old School starring Sam Neill and Bryan BrownThe Killing Field Wonderland series 1 & 2 The Code series to be screened on ABC late in 2014.
Plus countless Television commercials far too many to list but suffice to say that nearly every vehicle seen on an Australian Television commercial will more than likely have been organised through Masada Picture Cars.

The Best Care and Attention to Detail

We pride ourselves on providing the best care and attention possible for all the vehicles we hire. We always have one of our experienced vehicle co-ordinators on set to make sure that the cars are being well looked after and to instruct actors and film crew on how to best handle the vehicles, especially the earlier models which can require a little more attention.
We fully understand and appreciate the intrinsic value of cars not just their financial value. We deal with expensive European sports cars, classic cars and very early model vintage cars as well as owners daily drivers. They are all treated with equal regard.
In conclusion please rest assured that your precious vehicle is in very good hands when it`s with Masada Picture Cars.

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