Our Extensive Emergency Fleet of Film Cars and Movie Cars

We have an extensive range of modern and vintage emergency vehicles available for your next TV or Film production.

Our fleet of film cars and cars for TV includes police cars and motorbikes, ambulances and rescue vehicles.

We also have a comprehensive collection of magnetic decals, light bars – all the accessories we need to make an entire police force!

Through years of experience dealing with cars that have been in actual collisions… Masada is able to modify your vehicles to look authentically smashed and to suit the requirements of your script.

Creating Your Crash Scene with our Movie Cars

With our comprehensive salvage vehicle network and strong working relationships with all the leading insurers we are able to source vehicles that appear intact.

Most salvage film cars we use have been partly submerged in fresh water, salt water, swimming pools, rivers, etc.

These vehicles are only a fraction of the retail price of their on road equivalent.

We can get them running if required and on screen they appear to be equal to their road registered clones that are peoples pride and joy.

We never use vehicles that have been occupied at the time of collision – we take our duty of care to cast and crew seriously.

Rent-to-Wreck Film Cars

If you want to smash, burn, flip, drop or launch a vehicle don’t buy it rent it!

We take into consideration the salvage value the wreck will have after your shoot and charge you accordingly.

We will never leave you with a street full of salvage vehicles to dispose of or even worse a warehouse full that you are paying storage on.

We ensure that when the vehicle comes back to us all salvage parts are stripped and used in the supply chain and the remainder of the the vehicle is recycled wherever possible.

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