Masada Picture Cars built the NRMA Car

In 2012 we proudly built the NRMA car using 5 cars and 52 extras.

The brief was to make sure everything worked… watch the video to see if we delivered!

You can appreciate from this video that Masada Picture Cars can build pretty much any film care you can imagine for your next movie or TV production.

All you need to do it let your imagination run wild and then…

…just ask!

Masada Picture Cars - Film Car Vehicle Preparation

If you are going to use a vehicle for a stunt, explosion, burn, roll over, drop from a height, collision, submerge it in a waterway or the ocean, drive it on the beach, or just use it is a static display it is essential to ensure environmental and safety obligations are fulfilled correctly.

Failure to do so can result in severe injuries, massive financial penalties, damage to the vehicle or just a very unhappy owner. We also prepare your film cars to ensure they act in the way you wish them to so you are able to achieve the effect you want and are not stuck with the effect you get.

We are licensed and equipped to do the following when required and more.

• Evacuate Air-conditioning Refrigerant – R134a A/C Gas
• Drain Coolant, reservoir and Lines
• Replace coolant with water
• Remove Transmission Fluid & Drain Lines
• Remove or drain transmission cooler
• Replace transmission fluid with a vegetable oil
• Drain engine oil
• Replace engine oil with vegetable oil
• Remove Brake Booster Reservoir
• Drain Brake Fluid & Drain Lines
• Remove power steering fluid, cooler and drain rack
• Replace power steering fluid with vegetable oil.
• Drain fuel
• Remove fuel tank
• Remove LPG Gas Cylinders
• Disposed of LPG cylinders according to Work Cover rules
• Fit fuel cells (safety fuel tanks for race cars, rally cars, stunt cars, sports cars, street rods, off-road vehicles and race boats)
• Remove combustible material
• Replace trims or trim car with fireproof material
• Remove glass from vehicle
• Replace glass
• Fit safety film to glass
• Remove Engine
• Remove Transmission
• Fit sumps, transmission casings etc so inverted vehicles do not look “empty”
• Discharge or remove drivers, passenger, curtain, seat belt and knee air bags or cartridges.
• Remove Batteries from vehicles or battery packs from Hybrids.
• Fit battery boxes or sealed units
• Steam Clean engine bay and transmission tunnel prior to submersion.
• Make safe sharp edges
• Structurally weaken a vehicle to ensure it will bend in a desired way in a collision
• Cut camera ports.
• Side cuts, half cuts, front cuts, rear cuts
• Latex peel off paint.

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